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  1. In the line-by-line document it says they've removed the "in-play" requirement for cutting skaters. Thus, cutting an OOP opponent is still a major. This isn't in the changes overview however.

    But, it's also a change that's not reflected in the online rules, and is counter to this clarification (issued before the new update came in)

    So, what's the call if a Jammer cuts that last blocker who's Out of Play? Or if a skater cuts one in-play and one out-of-play teammate? Old rules and online rules say its a No Pass/No Penalty, but changes document says its now a Major?

    Line-by-line document here:

  2. They removed in-play I believe so that during a no-pack situation, it is more clear that you cannot cut people during this type of out of play, not because the NI/NP/NP is now a major. At least that is my understanding.

  3. Yes, Laredo is correct. Remove of the words "in-play" from the Majors was NOT meant to be a substantive change, only a typographical one. And yes, it's because everyone's OOP during No Pack, but Cutting penalties still apply. You do need to edit or delete Q 1661. Further discussion here:

  4. ...and to back up our interpretation of what the authors meant: Note that 6.11 doesn't get ANY mention in their change summary.

  5. Thanks for the clarification there guys. I guess the fact "in-play" is still listed in the official rules is a typo.


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