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  1. Quite often the same rule, or subject, is reported as incorrect due to people having assumptions about the rules. What are common misconceptions you find?

    Two I get a lot:

    Assuming Cutting the Track rules apply when returning from the penalty box (they don't, meaning if there's a No Pack you can hop on the track anywhere).

    Assuming a ref doesn't need to issue an Out of Play warning before the penalty. Because everyone "knows" a ref doesn't need to issue a warning, they skip over the fact a Failure the Reform is issued for ignoring a warning, so one must be given. Same for False Starts.

  2. Ooh, another classic: Initiation! If I'm barrelling down the inside and somebody moves into my established path and I back-clock them unavoidably, I don't get a penalty because they initiated it. Same for clockwise.

    It seems every game somebody initiates, then gets mad that a penalty wasn't called on the opponent.


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