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  1. Have a read of the new 6.10.13 and tell me I'm wrong.

    In a No Pack:
    - Team at the front only needs to coast (where previously they had to slow down)
    - Team at the back must accelerate until sprinting to reform
    - If there's only one team on track, they have to sprint

    Awesome :D

  2. Pack speed can still go to zero during a pack situation, stationary should still be present.

  3. It's possible, but far more difficult to maintain now the front group doesn't need to slow, only coast.

  4. I'm coaching on Sunday, and plan on trying out some "new" power jams to see how they work.

  5. There's a really fun drill you can do to show this in effect, and you only need two people: one person acts as the front group, the other as the rear. Using these rules and reffing yourself, have one person try to make the pack speed up and one slow down.

    Looks like the speed of power jams are now pretty much up to the defending team. Which is nice.

  6. Sorry to burst the bubble, but going from skating to coasting is only a way to satisfy 6.10.13's required immediate ATTEMPT to reform. But if you've gotten far enough in front of the other team, then that attempt is bound to fail to ACTUALLY reform the pack, so you'll still earn 6.10.16's sustained FtR. So while choosing to coast WILL keep you from earning FtR in limited circumstances (generally when the pack was barely split), it's NOT a panacea that's universally legal.

    Though I do agree, this wording change (meant to be a clarification, not actual rule-change) will probably have the effect of slightly speeding up some power-jams.

  7. Very true, and I imagine there's going to be a lot of variation as to what constitutes "sustained" as it's not in the glossary.

    I've been running with the assumption it'd be hard (but far from impossible) to get far enough ahead that coasting whilst the other team are accelerating to a sprint would cause a No Pack for more than a second or two.

  8. The 'only one team on the track must sprint counterclockwise' part is what interests me.

    Does that mean that under the January 2013 rules if team A blocked all members of team B off the track at the same time they could then skate clockwise to force team B to chase them down in the ref lane before reentering in order to avoid track cut penalties?

    And that, since there would be no pack and no engagement zone, they could keep going clockwise indefinitely until team B caught them?

  9. You'd likely get a failure to reform, based on the fact you'd be intentionally making it harder for the opposing skater/s to legally re-enter and form a pack, which is the opposite of what you're meant to do.

    Something similar which does catch people out: when knocked out of bounds, sometimes it's better to just stand there and wait for the skater to move forwards (so you don't end up a goat, for example). If you're stood at a side of the track, then there's a "no pack", and you don't immediately move to re-enter, you get a failure to reform.

    Bonus; the person stood off track likely is looking smug because they know if you're blocked off the track you don't need to re-enter. When smug people get penalties is the best.


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