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  1. So the rules mention a skater being "waived off" a full penalty box (eg 6.13.11). But is the phrase not "waved off", which is also used in the rules in some places (eg Or are both fine, but used differently in different contexts?

    There's a discussion here which suggests "wave off" is correct

    Pedantic +1

  2. is interesting:

    The verb waive means to defer, dispense with, or give up (a claim or right) voluntarily.

    [...] The phrasal verb wave off means to dismiss, refuse, or cancel.

    Which I think means you could "waive" (defer) a skater's penalty time, meaning the NSO would "wave off" (refuse) the skater's entry to the full box.

  3. The updated rules have sorted this, and settled on "A skater, after being waved off of a full penalty box [...]"


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