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  1. Aloha!
    The login clicky-do box isn't connected to it's rememberal. So, even if we clicked the box the last time, we still have to enter our logon and password every time.

    Also, the question count doesn't seem to be updating. I have been on 1908 questions for several days now (since I started paying attention - I don't know how long it has been going on). It is still tracking the questions themsleves on my stats page, but the question count isn't recognizing them.


  2. Currently, the "remember" jobby saves your IP address as part of the stuff it remembers, so if your IP address changes frequently it'll forget you.

    Also, right now you can only log into one device at a time. Do you use the mobile site at all?

    I've added both of these to the To Do list.

    With the Question Count, it may cache it and not update for about an hour... I think. Though if you've been on that for several days, it'll be a bug. Will see what I can fix now.

  3. I had a nosey at the code, and by my tests it shouldn't be updating for about an hour (that's how long it takes to update sometimes). I've shortened the time it takes to update to about 10 mins, let me know if the bug is still there and i can tinker more.


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