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  1. Hey, love the concept for this Minimum Skills tracker, I will be recommending it to our new skaters.

    I would be extremely inclined to use it as my main assessment recording tool if the information could be backed up or exported regularly somehow. Not sure that it would be wise to use it to officially assess the skaters without that kind of functionality.

    If this is already possible, and I just didn't figure out how to do it - please let me know! :)

  2. It's not currently possible, but when I get the time I'm wanting to make a handy website you can visit to download all the data., or at least enable some kind of "send via email" button.

    There's no universal way to get data out of apps at the moment, which is a bit rubbish, and why I'm going to need to make my own.

  3. That would be great. Thanks for the reply

  4. Hello!!!

    I will be using this app (because I love it) for our assessments for this season, and I was curious to know if there was any headway with an export function or print option.

    This is such a great, great tool! Thank you!

  5. Hello!!

    It's an awesome app, I love it. But, was you think about translate it? I'm from Spain and I use the app with my team, but if it were translated in spanish, a lot of people that don't understand english could use it.

    Think about it, and if you will do and you need help, chat me and I'll help you.

    This is wonderful, thanks for this!


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