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  1. ::Grin::

  2. Short version:

    Long version:
    Eventually there will be two Test O'Matic apps: A paid "full" one and the free "lite" one. The lite app is the one that everyone is using right now and probably won't have log-ins, at at least not for a little while. There's updates planned (hence it being at version 0.4 not version 1), but nothing major at this point.

    The "full" app is coming, and will have all the fancy features everyone is waiting for: tests, logging in, Facebook integration, preferences, score tracking, stats etc. and will cost a few bucks.

    The RDTOM "lite" was used so I could learn how to make apps, allowing me to then build the Minimum Skills paid app (available on Android: and available on iOS as soon as I've solved an Apple-ruin-everything bug), which if it sells well, will fund/justify development of the full RDTOM app.

    I'm only one guy, so everything has to wait for everything else to be completed. But, it's getting there. I'm on a slight break from my proper job (freelance web developer) to concentrate on these apps. Hopefully I can get them finished and earning me food-money before I go bankrupt!

  3. I didn't know that was in the works. I know your a one guy operation. This is the forum for suggestions and didn't know you were working it.

  4. And suggestions are more than welcome :) I don't tend to chat about what I've got planned as it changes so much. It's nice for me when people suggest stuff I've thought about myself, it's quite affirming.


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