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  1. There's a beta version of the Test Builder out now, which you can access by logging in and going to

    From here you can make custom tests, specifying what questions appear as well as the order of the answers.

    There's a few remaining bugs I'm in the process of ironing out, and some missing features, but I'm keen to see what you guys think of it. The more feedback I can get the better!

  2. So far I like it. I can work on just the rules I am having trouble with.

  3. That's an awesome use I'd not even thought about before, nice! If you're wanting to focus on a particular section or topic, you can try the search page too:

  4. I tried it out and built a test. I saved after every few questions and when I cam back I don't think it was saved.

  5. Interesting... it looks like every time you've saved it's saved a new test (which is a bug, and I've deleted all but the most recent save from the database). If you go to is anything listed?

    If not, the data is in the database and safe, and I just need to work out what's with it not displaying properly.

  6. (I've just fixed the bug where multiple tests were created when you save multiple times after starting a new test)

  7. I have only one test listed now, but I do not see any questions in it. I'll try to do another one.

  8. Turns out there was another bug there, stopping it being displayed. Questions with a new-line in them would cause the code to cry. I've not fixed the bug yet, but I have removed the new-lines from the questions. Should be working now.


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