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  2. I've been having a nosey at some of the updates, and the majority are clarifications (which is never a bad thing). All the relevant questions will be updated on the Test O'Matic in the next few days. if you find any, feel free to Report them to save me looking :P

  3. Also, is craziness!

  4. Actually, re-reading 6.10.13, is this the end of the stationary power jam!? :D I've started a thread specifically for this, I'm intrigued

  5. I am trying to understand, but the wording is meh.

  6. This is how it was explained to me on ZHuddle

    During a no-pack scenario, if all of one team is out of bounds,
    [if the previous conditions happens then]
    the team on the track must skate forward, accelerating [the team must skate forward, and accelerate if possible]

    until [one of the following happens]
    -they are sprinting, [they can't accelerate anymore]
    -a pack has reformed, [the no-pack situation ended]
    -or a member of the opposing team may legally return to the track behind them.

  7. Which fits with a nice way I found to explain it: if there's a team behind you, coast. If there's nobody behind you, sprint :)

  8. Most of the questions have now been updated, any that have yet to be fixed (from around 6.10 onwards I think) will be sorted next week. The apps will be updated once this has been completed.

  9. The Test O'Matic is now fully updated with the new rules. The Apps will be getting updates in the next few weeks to get the latest questions.

    If you'd like to test yourself on the new updates, have a go at this test:


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