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  1. After having the poll up on the site for a few weeks, the results to the question "Which new features would you most like to see added to the Roller Derby Test O'Matic?" are:

    [12.3%] Other rule sets (e.g. USARS, WORD)

    [11.5%] An Android app

    [10.6%] Questions with images (ref hand signals, diagrams etc.)

    [10.1%] Filtering on what questions you're being given (difficulty, topic etc.)

    [10.1%] More detailed stats showing what sections you're good/bad at

    [9.3%] Discussion areas to discuss specific questions, rules, and the site in general

    [9.3%] User submitted (and moderated) questions

    [9.3%] An iPhone/iPad app

    [8.8%] Other languages

    [8.8%] Questions for officials (refs & NSOs)

    [0%] An updated page layout and design

    [0%] A support or donations page


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