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  1. Although they aren't in the rules (I don't think!) they're officially defined in this WFTDA release:

    Questions could take the form either of
    -an image of the signal being performed/a description of the signal, followed by options on what the signal represents, or;
    -a statement of the event being signalled with the possible answers being descriptions of various actions.

    I don't know if it'd be necessary for more experienced players, but I think it would be really helpful for those of us just starting out! There are so many of them and during jams these things tend to happen faster than I can keep up with.

  2. The Excuse: Just before the new rules came out, I took a load of pics of my league's HR doing all the signals. New rules brought new hand signals, and before I had chance to take more pics I got busy doing the App & API (which can't have images, yet).

    I think this is a fantastic idea and I really want images to form part of the test. Diagrams of skater positions to aid with pack definition questions would also be ace.

    Have you seen the Ref Calling app by Major Madness? There's a link up on Zebra Huddle:;sa=view;down=45

  3. Ah, I see! That's fair enough, it doesn't seem to be the only inconvenience that the new rules caused folks. It's not something that I had thought of but pack definition questions would also be awesome.

    I hadn't seen the app - it sounds like it would be a great learning tool but unfortunately I don't have a smart phone (boo!). I'll see if any friends would mind me borrowing theirs to give it a try.

  4. That app is for PCs, I'm not sure if there is a smart pone version yet... Ooh, I could prioritise these pictures and maybe add them to the Test O'Matic app.

  5. Pictures, or even better gifs, would be a great help to people.

    It's quite frustrating that WFTDA refuses to do any kind of animated image of the signals. What with them being arm motions, rather than static poses and all.

    Aside from that, a glossary section would be nice as well.


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