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Forum > Features > Which Difficulty Best Mimics the difficulty of the WFTDA rules test?

  1. Easy


  2. Sausage Roller!

  3. I've genuinely no idea. I'm not part of a WFTDA league (though am with an MRDA team). I know the sample test they put out was super easy, but I've no idea about the real test. Personally, I'd go for Mixed as that's probably about right.

  4. Sausage Roller, I think Loredo is referring to the skater minimum skills written test on It's not just a sample test, it's the actual test. You may be thinking of the referee certification test, which is solely for certification purposes.

    I would however agree with your assessment that mixed is the best to prepare for the skater test.

  5. Ah that figures, I assume you can only see that test if you're a WFTDA member.

  6. Thanks!


    This is the test Sausage Roller. Check it out and let me know which difficulty is closest.

  8. Having read the test, I'd say about 10% of the questions are on par with Hard ones here, and the rest are an even split between Easy and Intermediate. So your best difficulty setting is either Mixed or Intermediate.

    Knowing what the test is like, I might try making a test difficulty level thats as balanced as that test.

  9. Good idea. Thats basically what leagues are looking for. A way to generate a equally hard test that the skaters cannot memorize.

  10. After an afternoon of tinkering, there's a new default difficulty setting of "Balanced". Kind of makes "Mixed" redundant, but there's no harm in it being there.

    It's 45% Beginner, 10% Expert, and the rest Intermediate. Though, there's always going to be some variation in difficulty levels as most questions fall into more than one difficulty setting.

    Which, for anyone wondering, is based on % of people who get the question right:

    Beginner 80% - 100%
    Intermediate 40% - 90%
    Expert 0% - 60%


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