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  1. The site has now recorded more than 4,000,000 responses from people! In celebration (and the fact I've just had a super tasty coffee and don't want to do any real work today) here's some stats, accurate as of 3rd June 2013.

    Total questions answered on the web: 4,000,000+
    People (or IP addresses at least) who've answered questions: 17,000+
    Test O'Matic Accounts: 4,100+

    In the last 12 months...

    Visitors: 47,000+
    Countries with at least a dozen people using the Test O'Matic: 41
    People using a mobile device: 38%
    Rules Tests generated: 8,500+

    Regarding the app (available via links at the bottom of this page):

    Android installs: 1,800+ (currently adding 20ish per day)
    iOS installs: 750+ (currently adding 30ish per day)
    Kindle installs: 37 (currently adding 1ish per day)

    And because I'm kinda nerdy, regarding the website only:
    Database size: 339 MiB
    Of which responses account for: 337 MiB
    Files: 70
    Lines of code: 12,000+

    And don't forget, full source code for the website is available here, if ever you want a nosey:

    You can see some of the stats here:


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