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  1. Exciting times indeed! The Android App has been updated to V0.3, which brings a couple of noticeable improvements (and a bunch of unnoticeable ones):

    - The related section of the rules is now shown next to the correct answer
    - The App loads much faster

    This version of the App (0.3) is also the first iOS Release Candidate. Meaning if there's no major bugs found in it, this will be the version which makes its way over to iPhones and the like in a few days.

    Plans for the next version are already in place, and it will likely be version 1.0 (not 0.4), completing the "Lite" App. Following this I'll be continuing to work on the paid Minimum Skills multi-platform App (no updates on that currently), and the paid RDTOM App which will have all the fancy-pants features you want.

    These future updates will go hand-in hand with version 0.2 of the API. Documentation on the API available at and if you'd like to use it, drop me an email (


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