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Forum > News and announcements > Android app updated to V0.4: Time attack mode & no more automatic question updates

  1. There's a couple of big changes in the new version:

    The main one you'll notice is the 60s Time Attack mode, where you answer as many questions as you can in 60 seconds. This was added after iTunes refused the App on the grounds it didn't have enough game play ( ). Apple have since got back to me, and I may not have had to make that in the end, but it's there now, and quite fun. It doesn't remember high scores, and you can't post on Facebook, but it's not bad for a day's work. If anyone has any requests on edits & improvements (like a Facebook share button, or high scores), please let me know.

    An update you may not notice is that I've removed the ability for the app to get the latest questions from the website. The way previous versions were doing this was to try to download all the questions whenever the app started. This works, but is clunky, slow and uses up half a meg of data every time. Given the questions don't change all that often, data is expensive and most of the time the update didn't work, I've scrapped the feature in 0.4.

    However, the auto-updating will come back soon. Only instead of re-downloading the database of questions, only the changes will be sent. This will be way less data, much faster, and if I make it properly; it'll happen in the background without an annoying loading screen.

    Version 0.4 also edges the app closer to full compatibility with the Amazon App store (hello Kindles!), Android tablets and iTunes.


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