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  1. Hark, a forum!

    Finally, after days of work and several cups of coffee, the Test O'Matic's forum now exists. A place for everyone to chat about the rules, the site, and derby in general.

    It's custom-made by me to fit the site, and it's very bare-bones right now. My goal is to update it as we go, taking feedback from you lot on what you want sorted soonest. What do we need first; embedded pictures of kittens, editing posts, allowing quotes, hyper-links, email reminders, nice formatting etc. I want to add all these things eventually, but they have to be done in an order.

    These updates will also be completed alongside the larger updates to the site in general, and I'm hoping the forum will become a very useful feedback mechanism for all that.

    Plus, we can use the forum for rules clarifications and questions. We're all learning as we go, and I'd like this forum to become a space where asking stupid questions is the norm.

    So, hi! I'm Sausage Roller, the guy who made the site. Welcome to the forum.

    Introduce yourself here:


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