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  1. I'm pleased to announce that the RDTOM App will soon be arriving on iOS!

    Android and iOS both require paid-for developer licenses (Android is £25 one off, iOS is $99 per year) and up until now I've only had an Android licence.

    I was going to make a Kickstarter to get the required $99 needed for the iOS versions of the apps, but have scrapped that idea in favour of simply paying for it myself. Partly because I'm a freelance developer (hire me!) so will use the license for other projects, partly because I've paid for everything so far and why change, and partly because it prevents anyone feeling owed, or me feeling indebted.

    Which brings me to the second part of this news: There will soon be TWO apps:

    The "Roller Derby Test O'Matic Lite" app, which we're all currently using, will continue to get a few small feature updates and remain FREE. A second "Roller Derby Test O'Matic" app with all the features of the website (and possibly more) will soon be available on all devices, and priced at around £1.49 ($2.49ish).

    Profit made will go back into developing more features, as well as supporting the website, API and my coffee addiction. Anything made beyond that will cover the cost of my private jet & underground lair.

    The app is built using HTML5 and a service called PhoneGap which allows you to port apps built like this to a bunch of different devices really easily. The Lite app will remain Open Source & continue to use the public API. The new, paid-for app will use a more advanced version of the API, able to provide your user accounts and tests.

    Source code for the "Lite" app:
    API Documentation:
    RDTOM's Facebook page:
    My portfolio:


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