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  1. I'll begin the process of updating RDTOM to the new 2014 rules shortly. In some unfortunate timing I've been unable to update the site in the past few weeks as all my free time and energy is going into the Men's Derby World Cup online stuff as I'm managing the website & live stats for the tournament.

  2. Glad to know you still love us!

  3. Thanks, it's so good to know it's merely delayed.
    Any guestimate ? ... couple of weeks ?

  4. Likely a couple of weeks out. Tonight is the first night I've been able to chill out after MRDWC, and I'm remounting my skates and trying to catch up on emails.

    It'll be soon, in the next few weeks hopefully.

    Kind of related to this, over summer I'll be building in easier ways for people beside me to update things.

  5. Thank you for everything you do for the derby community. This is an invaluable tool for getting peeps to learn the rules. <3

  6. Aww thanks :)

    All the nice things everyone has said about the Test O'Matic in the past few months have really cheered me on.

    I've now (finally) gone through the back-log of reports and clarification requests on the _current_ questions. Which means I'm in a position to start cloning all the old rule-set, modifying them, and setting them up as new-rule-set questions. As soon as there's a handful of questions ready to go I'll see about updating the site to let people use them. It may not be a complete set of questions yet, but it lets people get their hands on them asap.


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