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  1. Hello!

    I'm John Kershaw, aka Sausage Roller. I made the Test O'Matic when I was learning the rules, getting ready for my first min-skills assessment. I'm pleased to say I passed first time (but only just, I got the lowest score possible that could be classed as a "pass").

    I'm the current Training Manager for Manchester Roller Derby, the UK's first co-ed derby league and one of the biggest leagues in the country, plus we're and one of only two MRDA leagues in the UK.

    I skate for New Wheeled Order (men's A team) and played in the first ever inter-continental merby game in Nov 2012 (NWO vs NYSE). I'm predominately a pivot/loud-mouth-blocker and get very few penalties. At our league's scrimmages there's a "Sausage Award" for the skater who gets the fewest penalties. I can still count on two hands ever Major I've got in every public game I've played. I've also now just jinxed myself by writing that and will proceed to foul out of every game ever.

    I'm a freelance web developer with a procrastination problem; hence this site existing.



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